An update on my father

6th July 2021

Dad's condition has declined significantly in the last year. You can find some updates about him on our Facebook page.

His illness has made him incredibly frail. He's very confused now, unsteady on his feet and doesn't really make much sense when we speak to him. I don't want to go into too much detail but you can imagine how things are. The good thing is that he's still being cared for at home and, amongst other things, is very happy. In the rare moments that he does make sense, he still asks when we are going to the club  -"to get the women singing and dancing" (his words).

But we never wanted a pity party. 

In the last year during lockdown, I've been working with a few of Dad's unreleased vocals to create some brand new Swing tracks - which is something that we're looking forward to - you can pre-order that album here.

Anyway, like I say, Dad is happy and would want you to be too.

So keep singing - life's too short.

With thanks, Simon.