Is the album available in shops?
We tried our best - but at the moment we haven't managed to schmooze our way in there. This is the only place at the moment where you can buy the album - apart from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

How much will go to Alzheimer's Society?
25% of any profits we make from this album will go direct to them with the money gate-fenced to be specifically used on research into Alzheimer's Disease and dementia. After taking off licensing, printing, distribution, production, taxes etc we're estimating that's about £1.50 per CD - but the more we sell the higher this will go as costs decrease. 

Are you working with a record company?
No. We've done this independently, which may or may not have been a good thing!! (Only time will tell). It's been a journey and the minefield of releasing cover songs will be imprinted in our brains forever. 

How is your Dad?
Dad has good and bad days as expected with his condition. Recording Dad's voice took place in Blackburn either at home or a local recording studio. He sings every day and is his passion - it was just a matter of setting up a microphone and persuading him that the headphones wouldn't mess up his hair.